After analyzing applications and products on the market, Flexline® universal mouldings are developed to fit all applications in the industry.

Flexline® Universal Mouldings:
  • Maximum Durability - Flexline® universal mouldings are made of PVC and can prevent UV deterioration. With metal filament, Flexline® universal mouldings do not shrink or expand.
  • Less Inventory –Flexline® universal mouldings can fit most of applications. Inventory can be reduced.
  • Easy Installation - Flexline® universal mouldings' profile are designed to install easily on windshield edge and lay flush against vehicle. They are also workable in cold weather condition.
  • Polish finish – All Flexline® universal mouldings have undergone quality control and guarantee to have best quality and polish finish.
Flexline® Universal Mouldings
Flexline® Universal Mouldings Package
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